Minimising Physical Restraint


We are required by law to make the following information available to whānau...

Physical restraint must only be used by kaiako or authorised staff members when the conditions outlined in the legislation have been met, and only as a last resort.

New rules and guidelines on understanding ākonga distress and minimising the use of physical restraint in schools came into force on 7 February 2023. These supersede the 2017 rules and guidelines.

The new guidelines were created in response to changes in the Education and Training Act 2020 (and calls from schools for more clarity about when it is acceptable to use physical restraint and what is acceptable physical contact.

Five key Policies guide our actions in this space:

  • Minimising Physical Restraint
  • Reducing Student Distress
  • Acceptable Physical Contact
  • Behaviour Management
  • Concerns and Complaints

Selwyn School subscribes to the School Docs portal. This contains all of our key policies and procedures.

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Under the Education and Training Act 2020, teachers including relief teachers and people with a Limited Authority to Teach (LAT), are automatically authorised to use restraint. Other staff members, such as teacher aides, must be authorised by the Board. At Selwyn school, the following applies:

  • All teachers are authorised and will complete the necessary training as required by February 2024
  • Relief teachers and those with LAT, will not be authorised to use restraint
  • The Sports Coordinator will be authorised in writing, once appropriate training is completed

Teachers (as of May 2024)

Peter Barker, Merenia Gotz, Bubby Soloman, Nat Stone, Tyler Nicholson, Pare McCorkindale, Ngahuia Pita, Courtney Marama, Brooke Bayly, Hiria Walker, Hera Raroa, Melissa Wood, Penny Brake, Robyn Phillips, Frances Naera, Chris Francis, Wendy Leeke, Jodi Myers 

Support Staff (as of May 2024)

Maylene Meroiti

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